Coca-Cola: Opens Hope.

I had regular Coca-Cola once. I was five years old. Just diagnosed with diabetes a few months earlier and we were still a little uneasy about daily excursions but this day at the zoo could just not wait. We arrived, visited the monkeys and not even 20 minutes later I felt the shakiness and hungriness kick in. I was hypoglycemic. To make matters worse I had been low only 20 minutes before that so my beloved Juicy Juice juice box was long gone. So we worked with what we had. A McDonald’s with regular coke. I took one sip, and hated it. Hated it. I just wanted my juicy juice. I started crying because I thought it tasted so bad. But I was forced to drink it, because in the long run I guess it SAVED MY LIFE.  COCA-COLA: OPEN LIFE SAVER.

Unlike the Cross-fit CEO who might have been trying to open up a dialogue about insulin resistance related to Type 2 diabetes and the insulin resistance that some of us with Type 1 diabetes experience, he insulted thousands of people in less than 40 characters.With the words,

“Make sure you pour some out for your dead homies…Coca-Cola: Open Diabetes”

the diabetic communitys’ world was flipped upside down.

Anyone who adds their two-cents in the diabetes online community should be congratulated because each of us experiences this disease a little differently and although different we find support and community in sharing our stories. A community that works together stays together. COCA-COLA: OPENS COMMUNITY.

I would like to thank Nick Jonas for finally adding more to the conversation after it seemed like years of just adding in tidbits of awareness here and there. He, along with the thousands of others on twitter and Facebook, helped create a national stage (on Good Morning America) for diabetes awareness. We all know that any attention paid to our cause is time well spent on the national news.

What I think made this even more of a story is the fact the faceless person behind the @Crossfit twitter account did not do what any seemingly sane tweeter would do after pissing off tons of people, just apologize for a miscommunication and misunderstanding. The key word being, APOLOGIZE. The thing is, neither of these things happened. Instead, @Crossfit went on the attack, telling other people who were standing up for type 1 and type 2 diabetics everywhere, that they were fundamentally wrong. This went on the entire day and all I was wondering is who was hired as the PR coordinator and when were they going to be fired?

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they really were trying to make an interesting point. However I lost all faith when the tweets kept going even further, to play on peoples’ already offended emotions, by adding more unprofessional commentary about how KFC is going to donate a dollar to the JDRF for every big gulp Pepsi that is sold.

One of my last thoughts on this is, is if Coca-Cola will officially comment on the fact that @Crossfit stole their logo and is essentially using it to shame and embarrass people who innocently fell victim to a chronic illness they have to live with for the rest of their life.

There are lots of people of the DOC (diabetes online community) coming to the defense of diabetics, t1 and t2 alike, with intelligent and passionate responses. To all of you I have to say thanks. You are a reminder that I am not running this never-ending marathon alone. It shows me that the burden of hurtful comments is shared on all of our shoulders. And it is evidence that I am not the lone teacher of millions of students on the intricacies of diabetes. To all of you, COCA-COLA: OPENS HOPE.

IMG_7639 IMG_7638 crossfit 1


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