In’s and Out’s

Happy August first!

Even though we only have one month left of summer vacation, I thought I would give you guys a little insight into the in’s and out’s of my experience in DC for the summer. Off the bat I can tell you it is fun, hot, adventurous and relaxing. Oh, and did I mention hot?

I am subletting an apartment from my best friend Acadia in a building just off of American University’s campus. There I live with four other roommates, George, Kay, Kim and Sam in a two bedroom apartment. Because we all work, intern or both, it is a rare but fun occurrence when we are all home at the same time. They are really cool, nice and fun people with interests in journalism, the environment, cooking, music, film making and government conspiracy theories among others.

Everyday I get on the bus at a stop right outside my apartment building. I use a bus tracker app and I have timed it out so if I leave when the app says the bus is four minutes away, walk briskly, I make it just on time. The bus is usually packed with summer interns and professionals all making their way downtown in the muggy morning weather. I take the N4 down Mass ave onto Connecticut Ave. My friend Adrian and I both have to be at work at 9am sharp so we take the bus together most days, unless one of us is running late (cough cough Adrian ;)). Being surrounded by ambitious peers dedicating their summers to interning gets me through my mornings. Once I hit M St and Connecticut I exit the bus, yelling a “thank you” to the driver, rushing to cross the street before the next green light and walk three short blocks with a wave of fellow commuters. One really cool building I pass every day is the National Geographic Museum and I told myself that before the summer is up, I will have to go and check it out.  

The 20 – 40 minute commute (depending on traffic) to and from work has really given me a chance to read. A lot. So far I have read, Save Market Basket, When Women Win, The Kite Runner, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, I tried to get through 1984 but had to put it down, My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. Currently I am switching between Hillary Clinton’s book, Hard Choices and Anderson Cooper’s Dispatches to the Edge. I am open to any recommendations.

For lunch, I pack it basically everyday. Both to save money and to optimize time at my desk, especially when I have many assignments to work on. Typically my lunch consists of a sandwich (I love sandwiches), vegetables (carrots, celery and broccoli), an apple or grapes, cheezits or unsalted potato crisps (my favorite) and 1 or 2 hershey’s kisses or york patty (yes, diabetics can eat sugar). One time, the other intern and I treated ourselves to Chipotle. It is just over on the next block. The fact Chipotle is so close, is dangerous because it is so good.

Living in DC is expensive so this summer I have stayed on as a part time employee at the gym on campus. I typically work a closing shift (6pm to 9:15pm) a few days a week. On those days I pack a dinner as well as lunch and bring my work t-shirt with me and go straight from the office to the fitness center. These days can be somewhat exhausting but I really enjoy my coworkers. At the gym I swipe members’ ID cards, rent out equipment and make sure any administrative paperwork is complete.



Then when I go home, I wait for my roommates to return, hang out with them for a bit, go through my nightly routine (make lunch, lay out clothes, ect) and do it all again the next day. Then when the weekend hits, I try new restaurants with friends who have also stayed in DC this summer, go to the pool, catch up on Netflix and take long bike rides through DC. The weekend also means doing a whole host of “adult” things like laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning.

That’s all for now. Thank you to everyone who has made this summer in DC both possible and enjoyable.


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