I have diabetes. But I don’t have it alone. Luckily I have a support system of other type 1’s, type 2’s and even type 3’s, a name commonly used to refer to those who do not have diabetes. Type 3’s may have working pancreases but they still feel the pain and triumphs of this condition and comprise the strongest network of support I have ever known.

While I am at college, and my parents are home in NH, I have recently started using bluetooth technology with a CGM, that allows others to see the blood sugar readouts.

I am chronicling the journey and experience of having others be able peer into a world, that has been soley mine for the past 16 years. I thought if I wrote it down it might be cool to look back on this and be able to say, “wow, look at what I used to have to go through when I HAD diabetes”. Because I believe that day will still come.



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