Meet Abigail.


My name is Abigail Lore and I was diagnosed with diabetes on June 23rd 2000. Diabetes was not foreign to my family as my dad has two brothers with type 1 and my mom has lost a brother to type 1 complications. I adored my pink Medtronic insulin pump before switching to omnipod. I feel naked without my dexcom, and yes I share with my mother. Some may call me a diabetic diva.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that my mother is a RN, CDE, so I am a part of that rare club, where my mom really does know everything there is to know about diabetes. Sometimes it’s like having an endo appointment 24/7 but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Diabetes has shaped my life, but it isn’t my whole life. I am an undergraduate student studying political science, public administration and health promotion at American University. I love to bike around the city, I love crew and you can usually find me hanging out with friends, reading or at the gym.

In addition to my mom and dad I have a twin brother, a calico cat and 2 cockapoos. I reside in NH, although I definitely prefer hot weather and the beach to winter.

“Turn setbacks into opportunities to make life worth it.”



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