Students with Diabetes.

Students with Diabetes is a sister organization of Diabetes Empowerment Foundation, founded by Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, and champion diabetes advocate. The mission of Students with Diabetes is to create a connection point for young adults aged 18 to 30 years old with diabetes on both college campuses and communities around the nation. He main goal is the goal of many others touched by this disease, to make life with diabetes easier.

Some aspects of the organization are campus chapters, the annual conference, research and the internship program.

The summer of 2016 will be one to remember. The Students with Diabetes internship programs is one of the greatest blessings to come from having diabetes. The internship program has an extensive application process for all students with diabetes can participate in. Nicole uses her platform and relationships to help students turn their passion for diabetes into careers in a diabetes related field. This year I was lucky enough to be placed in a health policy consulting firm in downtown Washington, DC called HCM Strategists. I will be sharing my experiences on this page!